Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tomorrow Is the Day!

Tomorrow we leave Tampa at 10am, arrive in Newark at noon-thirty, then sit on our collective thumbs for 5 hours awaiting the connection to Berlin. That flight leaves Newark at 6pm (barring any...technical difficulties, as evidenced by yesterday's United snafu) and arrives in Berlin at 8:30am-ish on the next day. That makes our arrival time midnightish EST. That first day is going to be surreal: a new culture coupled with an enormous city, a full-day schedule and undoubtably heinous jet-lag.
As I type, my father is pouring through travel guides taking copious cursive-laden notes on what to do and see. He also informed me that, just before I arrived, he picked up 800 euro in traveller's cheques -- an anachronistic, albeit amusing indication of how long it's been since he has travelled abroad. While I'm sure they technically still *work*, I don't think I've heard of anyone using them in ages. But my father is a very cash-minded person, and I respect that. If no one takes them I've got things covered and I can just take the cheques and cash them at home...assuming someone will take them here.

Anyway, onward!

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