Friday, August 31, 2012

Munich -- Day 0

   Frankly not a lot to report today, so I'll keep it brief. We traveled from Vienna to Munich via railway, arriving in the city around 2pm. By the time we figured out how the city transit worked, got our outrageously expensive city passes (25 euro for 3 days), and navigated our way to the hotel, it was 3. We unpacked in our hotel room, which is a bit nicer than the room in Vienna, though still lacking in a kettle, much to my displeasure. (What's a guy gotta do for a cup of tea in the evening, huh?)
   Around 4:00 we left the hotel and figured out the way to the city center. Downtown Munich is pretty! I had pretty high standards set by Vienna, but the city center of Munich is quite charming, with the city hall and cathedral next to each other and all-mashed-together-building streets fanning out in all directions from there.
   We ate at the Spaten Guesthouse which is connected to the Munich Opera. Father had some veal sausages and I ordered the veal sweetbreads (which, I shall repeat to everyone, are *not* testicles. Look it up.) Unfortunately the kitchen or the waiter got my order wrong and I got...well to be honest I have no idea what they were aside from being ...patty shaped and made of what I think was minced veal. If they *were* sweetbreads, they did a miraculous job of disguising them as something entirely different.
   Tomorrow we have to be up bright and early to catch the tour we're taking of Ludwig's castles. It goes from 8:30am until 7:30pm that night -- an 11 hour tour, mostly because the castles aren't actually in Munich, they're in the Bavarian Alps. This tour will be the most expensive single thing we've done at 75 euro a piece, so I hope it's worth it.

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