Friday, December 25, 2009

Hawaii 09: All about food

Day 3 and 4 in Hawaii consisted of bulk grocery shopping, farmer's market fruit eating, grilled Ono (Wahoo), beach lounging, body boarding, hot-tubbing and book reading. I'd like to take this blog entry to talk about a few places I've eaten at since I've been here in Maui:

Jawz Fish Tacos -

Good, inexpensive fish tacos. I had mahi-mahi tacos with cabbage and fresh tropical fruit salsa. they have good portions, and a nice salsa bar. The restaurant has a kitchy hawaiian vibe, but still managed to draw in the locals.

Sorento's on the Beach -

Multiple accolades cover the foyer walls. Service is great and their covered open patio is a fantastic place to watch the sunset while enjoying really nice local fish. The Opakapaka Snapper plate with sausage and clams was terrific, as well the chilled Gazpacho with crab meat and avocado. Service was very attentive and professional. They also serve good Manhattans and have a small wine list by the glass.

Kihei Farmer's Market -

Small farmer's market that focuses on fresh fruit. We had a pre-lunch snack here of fresh papaya and coconut cut straight from the husk. We drank the coconut water and then ate the flesh, which is remarkably milder than the dried fruit most people are used to. We also picked up a bunch of fresh vegetables for dinner.

Dinner a la Frank Katz
Phil's dad grilled up some Teriyaki Ono and used all the produce we purchased from the farmer's market to make a great dinner. The Ono, carrot cucumber and cilantro salad with balsamic vinegar, garlic and Maui onion brussels sprouts and super sweet Maui-grown corn.

Dinner at Tiffany's -

Tiffany's Bar and Grill in Wailuku is a very unassuming bar and pu-pu platter grill. It's more bar than restaurant, but someone in the back really knows what they are doing because the'r huge portion pu-pu dishes are fan-freakin'-tastic. We started with a really nice pickle dish with Kimchee, pickled Daikon radish and pickled maui onion.

Next was a huge collection of main courses -- pulehu steak tips over onions, seafood pancake, mochi-flour breaded chicken (my favorite of the bunch), beef and eggplant, honey walnut shrimp and fried rice with spam and bacon (oh come on, it's a Hawaiian tradition.)

That's it for now. More food later!


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