Monday, December 21, 2009

Countdown: It's on!

It's a cloudy day in Salt Lake, but we're not supposed to get another winter storm until tomorrow morning. So hopefully the weather will behave for the next 5 hours, as my flight leaves at 3:00. Then it can snow however much it wants.

Forecast for Maui: Sunny for the first 3 days we're there with a high of 80 and a low of 65. Then they're expecting rain for the remainder of our time there. Still, I've been told that, Maui being the tropical paradise that it is, rain happens and it probably won't last all day. Ah well, better than 5 inches of snow.

Forecast for Japan: It's a little far out to be totally predictive thus far. It's probably going to rain some in Tokyo, even though this is technically the dry season. Looking at temperatures in the 50's during the day, and in the high 30's at night, so snow chance is pretty little.

Hank has been loaned out for Christmas with a loving family who will no doubt smother him with affection. Their house is also warmer than my apartment, so chances are he'll be much happier there than if I were sticking around, anyway. Here's hoping some of his old carpet habits have completely died hear me, dog? Treat their house with respect.

Anyway, all packed now, apartment is clean so when I get back I shouldn't be too shocked at my own lifestyle. Camera is locked and loaded, laptop charged, I'm pacing through the apartment with nothing to do, as is the case on any travel day in which I don't leave for the airport at 6 am. T-minus 2 hours until we're at the airport. If we get free wifi on the plane, maybe I'll do another update later.

So. Bon voyage, future self! And farewell, readers, until we meet again halfway across the Pacific.

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